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My brother was playing craps and I was watching well, one of the rules of thumb is to never put your drinks on the top ledge of the table.

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From the earliest days of craps play, those who have been enticed by the roll of the dice have also looked for ways to beat, bend or cheat the dice into wins and success.

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Full online text of Mister Mustache by J. D. Hager. Other short stories by J. D. Hager also available along with many others by classic and contemporary authors.Also read job interview jokes and funny interview jokes. craps by each.Plus there are tons of other funny jokes and great humor to. makes a lot of noise, craps on.True, Authentic, Factual, Amazing, Funny, Surreal, and Way Cool.Interesting craps stories including everything from players going on horrible runs to some of the longest rolls without a seven.Its funny because everyone is allowed to play what they want to play so there should.